Moon Day Tomorrow

Lunar day: 23
Moonrise: 2:50
Moonset: 12:53
Moon in zodiac sign:
Moon phase: Wanning Crescent
Data: 23.05.2022
Day of week: Monday

23rd Lunar day

Symbol - crocodile, turtle.
Stones - crocodile, topaz, black jade.
The body is the genitals.

The twenty-third day of the lunar calendar marks various restructuring in the physical world, which occur by inertia, since the force of activity has gained significant speed over the past days of the month. At the same time, it seems to a person that the changes do not occur at his will, especially since these changes often relate to such things in the physical world that are perceived as losses. A person is generally characterized by a strong attachment to the physical world. He may feel an irresistible desire to stop changes, to keep the world in the same framework. This will make the day very difficult. It is much easier with some detachment to relate to material objects, property and the results of their labor. Communication with people will not be beneficial, sex is contraindicated, since on this day it will lead to severe physical and emotional exhaustion. But the day is very favorable in order to get rid of all unnecessary things. It can be a cleansing of the body, or it can be a general cleaning of the house, with the removal of old trash to a landfill. It is not surprising that this day implies abstinence from any excesses.

During a flawed moon, a person's energy also decreases, things do not work out, you can even feel inferior. Despite the fact that physical strength decreases, during the fourth phase of the moon, sources of new spiritual strength, wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the world are opening. However, this happens only when the person behaved correctly in the previous phases. In this case, there is a feeling that the time is not wasted and that you can move with peace of mind from active actions to passive rest.

Sex on this day leads to a great breakdown. Also, a person may experience an irrepressible appetite and thirst. Contacts are undesirable, business conversations are unsuccessful. You can't quarrel. To maintain peace of mind, you should devote this day to household chores - home improvement, cleaning.

It is not recommended to get married on the twenty-third lunar day. You can go on the road. This is a period of abstinence, caution and accuracy, when a person receives strength and opportunities to rise to a higher level of development.

You should eat dairy products and nuts, but not meat. On this day, a person may have a serious and prolonged illness, the immune system is weakened. It is advisable to carry out procedures to strengthen and improve the spine. Sexual problems also worsen.

The dreams that a person sees during these lunar days mean something completely opposite to what awaits in reality.

On the twenty-third day of the lunar calendar, the so-called "punchy" people are born, who usually achieve excellence in their activities and achieve their goals at any cost. The main thing is that these activities and goals are positive.

Moon in Pisces

The entry of the Moon into the sign of Pisces ends the journey through the zodiac, which means that the last opportunity for the Moon to subdue a person to its whims comes. The days of Pisces affect a person in such a way that he becomes more sensitive, sympathetic to others, compassionate, responsive. Pisces time sharpens intuitive abilities with unprecedented intensity. There is an increased sensitivity to the opinions of other people. A person can succumb to the psychological influence of others so much that his inner feelings and thoughts will soon cease to mean anything.

In this lunar period, the imagination will be especially active, so the time to act comes for those who are constantly indulging in dreams. In general, Pisces days are ideal for any artistic endeavor, so it's time to implement those ideas that require creativity.

Moon in Pisces recommends focusing on the spiritual world, since a person's psychic abilities reach their maximum at this time.

You should be careful in the area of ​​love relationships. Often during this lunar cycle, a person looks at the world through rose-colored glasses. Feelings for other people can overwhelm you. This is partly due to the wild emotions.

What an inner voice tells a person in the days of Pisces is very important. Trust your intuition more.