Moon Day Tomorrow

Lunar day: 12
Moonrise: 15:53
Moonset: 1:52
Moon in zodiac sign:
Moon phase: Waxing gibbous
Data: 27.10.2020
Day of week: Tuesday

12th Lunar day

The symbol is the Holy Grail.
Stones - mother of pearl, lapis lazuli, yellow coral, pink pearls.
The body is the heart.

The twelfth day of the lunar calendar is usually very calm and peaceful. A person must first of all try to realize the integrity of everything on earth, to feel his place in the world and a connection with the universe. This will require a certain concentration, you need to stop and listen to your feelings, without analyzing them. On this day, if you try, you can communicate directly with the world, which will certainly answer. An example is the prayers of believers - if they are sincere, then they will definitely come true on this day.

At this time, a person can see images associated with subtle spheres and the purification of thoughts. True wisdom must triumph over the selfish mind and feelings, which means the onset of peace and greatness of the spirit. On this day, you especially need to be merciful, otherwise you can lose mercy yourself. This is manifested not only in giving alms, especially when asked for it, but also in the willingness to make gifts, donations, and help those in need. And there can be no question of experiencing anger and quarreling, quarreling with anyone, experiencing negative emotions. On the contrary, one should strive for peace, solitude, love for everyone around.

The Christian symbolism of the twelfth lunar day is obvious, which must pass in prayer, confession, communion. It is bad when people are embarrassed to do pleasant things to strangers. But it's so simple - a sincere smile or a friendly word to any passer-by can be a real gift.

Trade affairs and in general everything connected with material enrichment and gambling are going badly. You can get married on this day. Works well in the garden and in the garden.

On this day, it is better not to eat coarse food, but you can drink a lot of water, natural juices. You can use any juices, with the exception of apple juice, which symbolizes enrichment. Decoctions of centaury and other medicinal herbs are very useful. Despite the increase in the amount of fluid consumed, it is likely that the body's water balance is disturbed. Also, the twelfth day of the lunar calendar is suitable for cleansing the upper respiratory tract, heart and lungs. A mild expectorant can be used for this. And you definitely need to monitor your heart in order to avoid unnecessary stress. On this day, operations on the heart and thoracic spine are prohibited.

The dreams that a person sees during these lunar days do not deserve attention, although sometimes they are quite vivid and memorable. They do not come true and do not carry any information.

People who were born on the twelfth day of the lunar calendar are often very kind and merciful, but their fate can bring them a lot of suffering. If they hold on with dignity, they will certainly have the strength to go through all the troubles and worries.

Moon in Pisces

The entry of the Moon into the sign of Pisces ends the journey through the zodiac, which means that the last opportunity for the Moon to subdue a person to its whims comes. The days of Pisces affect a person in such a way that he becomes more sensitive, sympathetic to others, compassionate, responsive. Pisces time sharpens intuitive abilities with unprecedented intensity. There is an increased sensitivity to the opinions of other people. A person can succumb to the psychological influence of others so much that his inner feelings and thoughts will soon cease to mean anything.

In this lunar period, the imagination will be especially active, so the time to act comes for those who are constantly indulging in dreams. In general, Pisces days are ideal for any artistic endeavor, so it's time to implement those ideas that require creativity.

Moon in Pisces recommends focusing on the spiritual world, since a person's psychic abilities reach their maximum at this time.

You should be careful in the area of ​​love relationships. Often during this lunar cycle, a person looks at the world through rose-colored glasses. Feelings for other people can overwhelm you. This is partly due to the wild emotions.

What an inner voice tells a person in the days of Pisces is very important. Trust your intuition more.