Moon Day Tomorrow

Lunar day: 22
Moonrise: 1:39
Moonset: 12:06
Moon in zodiac sign:
Moon phase 20:31 Last Quarter
Data: 10.06.2023
Day of week: Saturday

22nd Lunar day

The symbol is an elephant.
Stones - blue jasper, blue sapphire, blue agate, blue jade, amber.
Body - lower spine, pelvis.

The twenty-second day of the lunar calendar is best devoted to teaching. On this day, a person receives a unique ability to feel the subtext, read between the lines, even catch the information sent from above. This will help you move forward significantly without putting in much effort. Often a person gets answers in a dream.

If a person is seriously worried about a question, a simple observation of trivial scenes on the street can give an unexpected answer, and so that the person immediately understands the meaning of the signal. However, one should beware of arrogance so that the knowledge gained in this way does not become a reason for complacency. On the contrary, you need to share them, as well as positive energy, with others. After all, energy is given to a person not in order for him to save it, like the Avaricious Knight does his money, but to benefit people and the world. It is helpful to show generosity and wisdom in everything.

On this day, it is better not to start new business. You cannot go on a trip.

It is undesirable to load the lower part of the spine, sacrum, hip girdle, femoral neck. You can not have a therapeutic effect on them. Sharp movements are contraindicated. You can eat a lot, as the stomach requires a load on this day.

The dreams that a person will see during these lunar days should be treated carefully, because they can provide information about solving problems and help to change for the better if you can decipher them.

People who were born on the twenty-second day of the lunar calendar are distinguished by a lively mind and the ability to learn. They are also characterized by manifestations of cynicism that spoil these people and make them look down on others. However, they understand this and are trying to root out the flaws.

Moon in Pisces

The entry of the Moon into the sign of Pisces ends the journey through the zodiac, which means that the last opportunity for the Moon to subdue a person to its whims comes. The days of Pisces affect a person in such a way that he becomes more sensitive, sympathetic to others, compassionate, responsive. Pisces time sharpens intuitive abilities with unprecedented intensity. There is an increased sensitivity to the opinions of other people. A person can succumb to the psychological influence of others so much that his inner feelings and thoughts will soon cease to mean anything.

In this lunar period, the imagination will be especially active, so the time to act comes for those who are constantly indulging in dreams. In general, Pisces days are ideal for any artistic endeavor, so it's time to implement those ideas that require creativity.

Moon in Pisces recommends focusing on the spiritual world, since a person's psychic abilities reach their maximum at this time.

You should be careful in the area of ​​love relationships. Often during this lunar cycle, a person looks at the world through rose-colored glasses. Feelings for other people can overwhelm you. This is partly due to the wild emotions.

What an inner voice tells a person in the days of Pisces is very important. Trust your intuition more.