Moon Day Tomorrow

Lunar day: 23
Moonrise: 22:15
Moonset: 15:00
Moon in zodiac sign:
At 14:34 transition to sign ♋
Moon phase: Waning Gibbous
Data: 28.09.2021
Day of week: Tuesday

23rd Lunar day

Symbol - crocodile, turtle.
Stones - crocodile, topaz, black jade.
The body is the genitals.

The twenty-third day of the lunar calendar marks various restructuring in the physical world, which occur by inertia, since the force of activity has gained significant speed over the past days of the month. At the same time, it seems to a person that the changes do not occur at his will, especially since these changes often relate to such things in the physical world that are perceived as losses. A person is generally characterized by a strong attachment to the physical world. He may feel an irresistible desire to stop changes, to keep the world in the same framework. This will make the day very difficult. It is much easier with some detachment to relate to material objects, property and the results of their labor. Communication with people will not be beneficial, sex is contraindicated, since on this day it will lead to severe physical and emotional exhaustion. But the day is very favorable in order to get rid of all unnecessary things. It can be a cleansing of the body, or it can be a general cleaning of the house, with the removal of old trash to a landfill. It is not surprising that this day implies abstinence from any excesses.

During a flawed moon, a person's energy also decreases, things do not work out, you can even feel inferior. Despite the fact that physical strength decreases, during the fourth phase of the moon, sources of new spiritual strength, wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the world are opening. However, this happens only when the person behaved correctly in the previous phases. In this case, there is a feeling that the time is not wasted and that you can move with peace of mind from active actions to passive rest.

Sex on this day leads to a great breakdown. Also, a person may experience an irrepressible appetite and thirst. Contacts are undesirable, business conversations are unsuccessful. You can't quarrel. To maintain peace of mind, you should devote this day to household chores - home improvement, cleaning.

It is not recommended to get married on the twenty-third lunar day. You can go on the road. This is a period of abstinence, caution and accuracy, when a person receives strength and opportunities to rise to a higher level of development.

You should eat dairy products and nuts, but not meat. On this day, a person may have a serious and prolonged illness, the immune system is weakened. It is advisable to carry out procedures to strengthen and improve the spine. Sexual problems also worsen.

The dreams that a person sees during these lunar days mean something completely opposite to what awaits in reality.

On the twenty-third day of the lunar calendar, the so-called "punchy" people are born, who usually achieve excellence in their activities and achieve their goals at any cost. The main thing is that these activities and goals are positive.

Moon in Gemini

The moon in this sign will act in such a way that you will feel as if you yourself are twins. Psychologically, this will manifest itself in a split of intentions, emotions, and irrationality. Your twins will not be identical to each other.

You will experience contradictions between your outer solar self and your inner lunar self. During the domination of the Moon in Gemini, your inner self can remain hidden deep within, suppressed by an active external, social self. This dichotomy can lead to psychological conflict that can lead to frequent mood swings, especially if you fail to manage your feelings.

The moon of this sign will emphasize the extraverted qualities of a person. Extroversion is a psychological term that defines a set of characteristics. A person of this type, unlike an introvert, is very sociable, focused on everything that happens around him, open to everything around him. He is initiative. He prefers to change the situation if it does not suit him. Easily enters into new contacts, quickly masters in any team. It is often possible to notice that such a person, in conversation with another, expresses everything that he thinks, even speaks about what he was not asked about. If introverts are worried about quarrels, extroverts easily break up with the person if the relationship with him does not work out. The extraverted type is interested in new acquaintances, easily gets in touch. Gemini days give introverts a great opportunity to use the qualities of extroverts, as the Moon helps to manifest them.

Time is beneficial to settle business with other people. Thoughts will quickly, almost instantly, switch from one question to another. If you have long sought to master the gift of easy, casual communication, then you will find it in yourself during this lunar period. A great sense of humor is added to the creative ability to conduct a conversation. The reactions to everything that happen will be perfection.

The period of the Moon in the sign of Gemini is an ideal time for fun and pleasant communication with others. Your communication talents will be at the highest level, and there is plenty of energy for everyone. Carried away by new opportunities for communication, try to control yourself internally, not to show irascibility and impatience.

The Moon of Gemini adds anxiety, fussiness, feeling of incomprehensible anxiety, excitement to a person. This is due to the fact that Gemini is an air sign: unpredictable, windy, frivolous. In part, these qualities extend to all people when the Moon enters the days of Gemini.

The activation of intellectual abilities that occurs at this time can be usefully directed towards solving problems that have long burdened you. Love relationships also fall under this racial influence, so take the moment - it is in your power to settle complex emotional conflicts.

The contradictions of the days will manifest themselves in intuition. During this period, it will be especially acute, although your willingness to listen to it will be greatly weakened.

To summarize, we note that the influence of this lunar period is somewhat confusing. On the one hand, a person finds the strength to be open and ready for a conversation, which he had previously failed to do, on the other hand, he seeks to hide his true "I". The duality inherent in this Moon prevents people from organically rotating in society and deprives them of inner harmony more than other lunar periods.