Moon Day After Tomorrow

Lunar day: 24
Moonrise: 3:06
Moonset: 14:11
Moon in zodiac sign:
At 22:39 transition to sign ♈
Moon phase: Wanning Crescent
Data: 24.05.2022
Day of week: Tuesday

24th Lunar day

Symbol - bear, mountain
Stones - malachite, black jasper, aerial obsidian, blue jade.
The body is armpits.

The twenty-fourth lunar day is the day of male energy, when the body is completely under the control of the mind. A person feels a strong rise in physical strength. Naturally, this day is favorable for strength training at a shock pace. Also, this day is very suitable for starting any business. Communication with the opposite sex will bring wonderful feelings, just like sex.

On this day, a person can both get rid of a lingering ailment or get sick very hard. This is especially associated with sexual energy - if it does not find a way out, a person has nervous and physical disorders. Allergic reactions may worsen.

This day also symbolizes the awakening of the forces of nature. It is not recommended to start the journey, be sad, sit back. Favorable effect for house construction, gardening and gardening.

The dreams that a person sees on this day indicate the state of his sexual energy. Good dreams mean complete order in your personal life, unpleasant dreams mean problems in this area.

On the twenty-fourth day of the lunar calendar, people are born, endowed with physical strength and talents. Sometimes they are a little weird.

Moon in Pisces

The entry of the Moon into the sign of Pisces ends the journey through the zodiac, which means that the last opportunity for the Moon to subdue a person to its whims comes. The days of Pisces affect a person in such a way that he becomes more sensitive, sympathetic to others, compassionate, responsive. Pisces time sharpens intuitive abilities with unprecedented intensity. There is an increased sensitivity to the opinions of other people. A person can succumb to the psychological influence of others so much that his inner feelings and thoughts will soon cease to mean anything.

In this lunar period, the imagination will be especially active, so the time to act comes for those who are constantly indulging in dreams. In general, Pisces days are ideal for any artistic endeavor, so it's time to implement those ideas that require creativity.

Moon in Pisces recommends focusing on the spiritual world, since a person's psychic abilities reach their maximum at this time.

You should be careful in the area of ​​love relationships. Often during this lunar cycle, a person looks at the world through rose-colored glasses. Feelings for other people can overwhelm you. This is partly due to the wild emotions.

What an inner voice tells a person in the days of Pisces is very important. Trust your intuition more.