Moon Day After Tomorrow

Lunar day: 16
Moonrise: 22:38
Moonset: 4:57
Moon in zodiac sign:
Moon phase: Waning Gibbous
Data: 25.06.2021
Day of week: Friday

16th Lunar day

Symbol - dove, butterfly.
Stones - emerald, tourmaline, spinel, charoite, pearls.
The body is the spleen.

The sixteenth day of the lunar calendar demonstrates purity and inner and outer harmony to a person. A person can only try to maintain this harmony in everything. This should be manifested first of all in not going to extremes. For example, you can't starve, but you can't overeat either. On this day, physical exercise will bring many benefits, which contribute to the development of balance.

The day is suitable for all peaceful activities, making plans and reports, making the necessary contacts. The favorable influence of this day will help to carry out a general cleaning without any troubles - to wash the floors, wipe the dust from the furniture. Shower recommended. On this day, manifestations of impudence in everything should be completely excluded, you should not even raise your voice. On the contrary, moderation, inner comfort and peace of mind are welcomed. This day will not bring success in business, so you can not strain and leave your service zeal until better times.

It is strictly forbidden to show aggression and envy on this day. Sex is not beneficial, especially for men. Better to cleanse the body, think over your activities for the coming years.

It is advisable to eat lean foods, fish on this day, since the stomach may not cope with heavy food, meat, mushrooms. On the sixteenth day of the lunar calendar, human blood is renewed, it has low coagulability on this day, therefore, surgical intervention is undesirable. The most vulnerable organ of this lunar day is the spleen.

Do not collect both medicinal and garden plants, since they can become poisonous during the full moon.

Sleep is very useful during these days, it brings recovery to a sick person, and helps a healthy one get rid of internal stress.

People born on the sixteenth day of the lunar calendar have a pure soul and are distinguished by their love of nature. During their life, they manage to do a lot of useful things and therefore enjoy well-deserved respect.

Moon in Capricorn

"Visiting" Capricorn, the Moon tells people to put their spiritual and earthly affairs in order. Capricorn is an earth sign, therefore all actions during this period will be most successful if they relate to material issues. If a person has a practical acumen at all, then these days will only increase his ambition and self-esteem.

There may be a need for emotional solitude, a passion for hoarding. The idea of ​​making a profit will not give rest.

Intuition usually does not change people during the stay of the Moon in the sign of Capricorn. She will come to the rescue when a person is absorbed in solving practical issues.

It is dangerous to hide true feelings deeply during this lunar period. A person may feel lonely, while others feel arrogant.

The moon tells the person that it's time to put things in order, for example, in the apartment. You will feel an overabundance of energy, which will help you redo all things, make you look at everything easier. Throwing out a mountain of unnecessary trash in the trash, you will not regret it at all, although before these things seemed to you valuable and irreplaceable.

The lunar period of the Capricorn sign is favorable for solving financial affairs, and the troubles associated with them will not seem like a disaster. People at this time feel the ground under their feet and stand firmly on the ground, so even the worst news cannot unsettle them. The right decision comes naturally.

The lunar days of Capricorn are not at all suitable for clarifying problems of a spiritual or heart nature. There is a certain coldness of feelings, indifference to everything, and therefore it is unreasonable to understand both your own and other people's feelings - you may get the impression that you are a callous and soulless person. Responsive, sympathetic, attentive to others at this time may remain at a loss, unable to show these qualities. The fact is that the lunar period plunges emotional life into hibernation.

Take the opportunity to focus on your work and finish one of those tasks, the incompleteness of which keeps you awake. The influence of the Moon lies in the fact that a person is powerless to solve emotional issues, so for now it is better to put them aside.