Moon Day After Tomorrow

Lunar day: 13
Moonrise: 16:08
Moonset: 3:00
Moon in zodiac sign:
At 08:44 transition to sign ♈
Moon phase: Waxing gibbous
Data: 28.10.2020
Day of week: Wednesday

13th Lunar day

Symbol - wheel, spinning wheel.
Stones - noble opal, ruby ​​
The body is blood.

The thirteenth day of the lunar calendar is characterized by the fact that higher forces patronize group contacts. It is very good to study on this day, and it is better to do this not from books, but on the positive examples of other people. However, one should still be wary of the information arriving on this day, which is pouring in a continuous stream. No need to waste precious time collecting useless information and other extremes that only clutter up the mind so much that it becomes very difficult for a person to make the right choice even in such a situation where it is obvious.

The day is favorable for preparing food, baking bread, and purchasing or making household items. In a word, it is good to accumulate material wealth on this day, but it is bad to go on the road and carry out big things and projects.

Diseases that began on this day are dangerous, but this is compensated by the high effectiveness of drugs and cosmetics. It is recommended to carry out procedures for rejuvenation and cleansing, do not starve, since the stomach requires a load on this day. You can exercise, make, build and repair structures and objects that are circular (wheels, coins, wells, fountains, etc.).

During the thirteenth lunar day, a person, as a rule, sees true dreams, which may reflect difficulties and problems that require immediate solutions. But most often these dreams are symbolic, so they still need to be deciphered to get an answer.

People who were born on the thirteenth day of the lunar calendar usually have unusual abilities and prove themselves to be good students in any business. It will be good if they learn from noble teachers!

Moon in Pisces

The entry of the Moon into the sign of Pisces ends the journey through the zodiac, which means that the last opportunity for the Moon to subdue a person to its whims comes. The days of Pisces affect a person in such a way that he becomes more sensitive, sympathetic to others, compassionate, responsive. Pisces time sharpens intuitive abilities with unprecedented intensity. There is an increased sensitivity to the opinions of other people. A person can succumb to the psychological influence of others so much that his inner feelings and thoughts will soon cease to mean anything.

In this lunar period, the imagination will be especially active, so the time to act comes for those who are constantly indulging in dreams. In general, Pisces days are ideal for any artistic endeavor, so it's time to implement those ideas that require creativity.

Moon in Pisces recommends focusing on the spiritual world, since a person's psychic abilities reach their maximum at this time.

You should be careful in the area of ​​love relationships. Often during this lunar cycle, a person looks at the world through rose-colored glasses. Feelings for other people can overwhelm you. This is partly due to the wild emotions.

What an inner voice tells a person in the days of Pisces is very important. Trust your intuition more.