Moon Day After Tomorrow

Lunar day: 3
Moonrise: 6:45
Moonset: 20:52
Moon in zodiac sign:
At 18:41 transition to sign ♉
Moon phase: Waxing Crescent
Data: 23.03.2023
Day of week: Thursday

3rd Lunar day

Symbol - cheetah, leopard, leopard prepared to jump.
Stones - jaspilite, pyrite, ruby, aventurine, carnelian, red sardine.
Body - back of the head

From this day on, a crescent moon appears in the sky. The third lunar day is likely to be very energetic. You need to wake up and get up early so as not to miss the opportunities that open up for successful activity. You cannot save your energy on this day, it must seethe and literally gush, allowing you to overcome any obstacles. If you put it in the right direction, you can be sure that it will not be wasted. Positive energy will definitely return to a person, only it should be used for good deeds. It sounds corny, but it's true. This is a period of active struggle, pressure and even aggression. All people with a passive character, on the third day of the moon, become vulnerable, and therefore suspicious, suspicious and insidious, because they simply "extinguish" the energy in themselves. This day is considered bad for weak, passive people who have an aggressive mood; due to constant defeat, a person can get emotional and even physical trauma. If a person does not want to suffer, he needs to tune in to self-defense.

The third day of the lunar month can be called the day of the warrior. Therefore, any sports training goes very well on this day. If we are talking about some kind of martial arts, then success is simply guaranteed. On this day, any metal processing goes well: sharpening knives, casting silver things, etc.

Marriage is contraindicated, since the struggle, which has a predominant effect on the energy of the third lunar day, can affect family life. You can go to a bathhouse or sauna, give yourself a lot of physical activity and thereby release the accumulated internal energy, which will positively affect a person's well-being. When meditating, it is advisable to use green and blue colors.

Getting sick on this day is dangerous, since the onset of the disease is acute and requires immediate action. Injury is common.

There is a sign according to which oil cannot be spilled on the third lunar day, as this means that a person has gone out of his way, does not know his purpose.

On this day, you need to especially well control negative thoughts and emotions, not letting them develop. If it works, you need to turn them into positive ones, otherwise you can disrupt your well-being - your ears, throat, and the back of your head will start to hurt. At the same time, the day is not suitable for the treatment of these organs.

Dreams that a person sees on these lunar days rarely come true, but they are often a kind of test of a person's inner strength. Therefore, they have a certain hidden meaning: you cannot surrender to the mercy of the winner, even in a dream. If the ending of the dream turned out to be unfavorable, it can be changed by recalling the dream and mentally defeating the enemy immediately after waking up.

People born on the third lunar day usually succeed in any activity that requires pressure and determination. Their careers are especially successful in sports or military affairs.

Moon in Aries

When the Moon passes through the sign of Aries, people receive the energy of this sign. Each person has the ability to regulate such an influx of energy, which can be both positive and negative.

Figuratively speaking, the Moon of the sign Aries psychologically "adds fuel to the fire." Calm and balanced relationships can flare up with renewed vigor at this time. A situation that looks out of control at first glance may suddenly turn in your favor.

When the Moon is in the sign of Aries, do not plan to sleep long in the morning or just lie around, soak up your bed. This is a time for great things to happen, so try to get the most out of it and use the extraordinary burst of energy by starting, say, something you've been putting off for a long time. Focus on those issues that require extra attention.

Since life, when the moon is in Aries, is intense, it must be remembered that the energy received greatly exacerbates emotions.

Our feelings during this period are easily vulnerable. Subconsciously sensing this, a person tries to defend himself. It seems to him that everyone with whom he communicates wants to offend him. Try not to utter hurtful words yourself, as relationships destroyed at this time are difficult to recover. This is especially true for telephone conversations.

Sometimes people become very hot-tempered during the Moon in Aries. It is best to stay away from them.

The energy of the Moon, which is in the sign of Aries, should be directed to the completion of such matters, from the completion of which you will receive special satisfaction. Being proud of your work, it is on these days that you will feel in "seventh heaven" with happiness and will want to take new actions, because the lunar rhythms will remove all fatigue, inspiring new achievements.