Moon Day Today

Lunar day: 22
Moonrise: 2:30
Moonset: 11:30
Moon in zodiac sign:
At 16:49 transition to sign ♓
Moon phase 19:43 Last Quarter
Data: 22.05.2022
Day of week: Sunday

22nd Lunar day

The symbol is an elephant.
Stones - blue jasper, blue sapphire, blue agate, blue jade, amber.
Body - lower spine, pelvis.

The twenty-second day of the lunar calendar is best devoted to teaching. On this day, a person receives a unique ability to feel the subtext, read between the lines, even catch the information sent from above. This will help you move forward significantly without putting in much effort. Often a person gets answers in a dream.

If a person is seriously worried about a question, a simple observation of trivial scenes on the street can give an unexpected answer, and so that the person immediately understands the meaning of the signal. However, one should beware of arrogance so that the knowledge gained in this way does not become a reason for complacency. On the contrary, you need to share them, as well as positive energy, with others. After all, energy is given to a person not in order for him to save it, like the Avaricious Knight does his money, but to benefit people and the world. It is helpful to show generosity and wisdom in everything.

On this day, it is better not to start new business. You cannot go on a trip.

It is undesirable to load the lower part of the spine, sacrum, hip girdle, femoral neck. You can not have a therapeutic effect on them. Sharp movements are contraindicated. You can eat a lot, as the stomach requires a load on this day.

The dreams that a person will see during these lunar days should be treated carefully, because they can provide information about solving problems and help to change for the better if you can decipher them.

People who were born on the twenty-second day of the lunar calendar are distinguished by a lively mind and the ability to learn. They are also characterized by manifestations of cynicism that spoil these people and make them look down on others. However, they understand this and are trying to root out the flaws.

Moon in Aquarius

The Moon allows a person to feel like a universal favorite only in Aquarius. This opportunity is provided thanks to the energy of the moon, aimed at creating friendly relations between people.

At this time, everyone is especially sentimental and romantic. Unlike the previous lunar period, people do not want to keep away from others, but on the contrary, there is a desire to willingly share their thoughts, ideas, experiences. The moon provokes straightforward behavior and shock. The desire to shock the interlocutors will dominate even the very essence of what you say: the more non-standard your statements become, the more pleasure you will get from the confusion and anxiety of those who listen to you.

The days of Aquarius allow a person to be fully realized. He has the power to inspire others with his enthusiasm and rich imagination. Communication will be caused by the desire to show yourself "in all its glory."

Emotionally, a person feels the need for psychological solitude, because internally he feels lonely, not feeling a special desire to initiate others into personal experiences. This will strengthen those around you that the likelihood of getting closer to you is impossible. Your inability to discover your true self, hiding behind a familiar mask, only increases distrust.

The time the Moon is in Aquarius deprives many of the peace of mind. It is difficult for people to be at the same time withdrawn, secretive and easily communicate with acquaintances, imitating superiority and importance.

During this period, most people may feel the psychological discomfort associated with just such a dilemma. People, due to different properties, establish a connection with others through trusting relationships. The moon in the sign of Aquarius imposes on a person the need for isolation, thereby turning this type of relationship into a real torment and makes them almost impossible.

The main point of your life program will be independence, which should naturally be combined with inner peace. The need for freedom can lead to the fact that when other people try to "get into your soul", you feel constrained and constricted. Of course, such problems will not arise from communicating with family and friends. They will understand your condition, and your need for freedom will take on a real embodiment. At the same time, the true pleasure of communicating with people around you will cease to exist only in dreams.

Situations where you will feel subject to someone else's will are not for you at this time. They will only bring bitterness, a heightened sense of injustice and resentment that they do not appreciate you, do not try to understand the features. All frustration will lead nowhere, but you still have to accept. You can feel truly happy when the Moon is in Aquarius only with the thought that absolutely no one controls your actions, deeds. If reality is so cruel that it weighs on you with such problems, imagination will help you find a way out. Dream that you suddenly became the master of your life, and a feeling of bliss, even if only mentally, but will visit you.

The influence of the moon on human life has been noticed long ago. It is no coincidence that so many legends, myths and legends have been written about her. Until now, we believe grandmother's omens, which are closely related to lunar rhythms. This applies to sowing seeds, harvesting crops, weddings, holidays, travel, job hunting, bargaining, haircuts and more.

Modern science has established how close the connection between lunar rhythms and human life is. Our health, luck, peace, and inner harmony depend on them. On the contrary, when human actions run counter to the rhythms of nature, it threatens to lose balance, strength, mental comfort, luck.