Moon Day Today

Lunar day: 1
Beginning of 2 lunar day in 8:03
Moonrise: 8:03
Moonset: 15:51
Moon in zodiac sign:
Moon phase 07:43 New Moon
Full Solar Eclipse
Data: 04.12.2021
Day of week: Saturday

1st Lunar day

Symbol - lamp, lamp, "third eye".
Stones - diamond, rock crystal.
Body - head, brain.

This day is the basis of the entire lunar cycle - the first day after the new moon. All good undertakings should be timed to this day. On this day, successful plans and plans usually arise, and everything that a person has conceived and outlined for implementation on the first lunar day will enjoy the patronage of higher powers throughout the entire lunar month. You cannot think about bad thoughts on such a day, however, if good thoughts do not come, you should not force them to be attracted either. You just need to drive away all negative thoughts and emotions and calm down. You can forget about all matters, then, most likely, an insight will come and the right thoughts will appear. You don't need to disturb them. Indeed, in order to realize all the ideas that a person has on this day, he is given a whole month!

Together with making plans, you can dream as much as you like, because on this day dreams can become very real plans for the future. After all, the dreams and plans of the first lunar day will certainly come true, if, of course, they are pure and not associated with revenge, in general with the desire for evil to another person. It is dangerous to make vengeful or unpleasant plans during the first lunar day, as they usually lead to misfortune.

Do not rush too much and start new business on the same day - the first lunar day is not conducive to practical activity. You should limit yourself to dreams and plans for the future.

As for all beautiful dreams, especially if they fully correspond to the true desires and needs of a person and are really important for him, then they need to be thought out very carefully, in detail, and as vividly as possible to imagine how they come true. Then they will come true soon, even without human intervention.

To learn not to harm anyone, even unconsciously, you need to constantly control your thoughts and feelings, try to think about good things and be able to feel your relaxed muscles.

You can try watching the fire of a fireplace, campfire or just a candle. As a result, a person feels rejuvenation and purification of the inner world. If this happens in the evening, it is advisable to remember your childhood and feel like a child again.

The first lunar day is light, bright and clean. You need to pay attention to this light and feel this lightness. We must try not to miss this favorable moment, since the success of the entire lunar month may depend on it. Figuratively speaking, a person on this day seems to be born again: he still has too little physical and emotional strength, so it is worth for a while to forget about his duties to society and, if possible, to reduce contacts with other people, work in a group is contraindicated. Instead, it is better to take a walk out of town, read a book, or sit at the computer. It is undesirable to go to visit on the first lunar day. You should also get rid of unnecessary ties if they only bring discord and conflict.

Good dreams on the first day of the lunar calendar portend joy, and bad dreams can be ignored, especially since the dreams of this day are rarely difficult. If you do not constantly think that you had a bad event in a dream, the obsession goes away by itself. You need to be light on the dreams of this day and let go of negative impressions.

About people born on the first lunar day, we can say that they are little children all their lives. This is manifested in the fact that they have a dreamy nature and, like a child, are always waiting for something.

In any endeavors, they act very energetically and brightly. On a wave of enthusiasm, they are able to accomplish a feat.

On this day, signs of atherosclerosis, cancer may appear, stones are formed in hollow internal organs. It is impossible on this day to carry out surgical operations on the face of the head, brain, eyes. Also, acupuncture, manual therapy and any other therapeutic effect on these organs are contraindicated.

The first day of the moon is often unusual, it can even be called magical. This day is favorable in order to forgive insults to friends and ill-wishers. On the first lunar day, it is easier to decide and implement it than on other days, and has practical meaning, as it can speed up the implementation of plans: freed from everything that weighs heavily on, a person focuses on further movement forward.

Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon of the sign Sagittarius is the Moon of fire. Under her influence, the heated sexual energy of the Moon in Scorpio will turn into warm, romantic feelings. This is the perfect time to build friendships, especially with those you love for a long time.

The influence of the Moon, located in the ninth sign of the zodiac, is aimed at keeping a person optimistic and cheerful. The fiery energy of Sagittarius helps a person to act actively. It is best to use this momentum to implement projects that require a lot of energy, for example, in the field of education.

The Moon in Sagittarius is the Moon establishing control. Many people these days have the feeling that someone is watching all their actions.

On the other hand, the need not to trust anyone and to check everything will arise for you. However, you shouldn't be discouraged if control escapes your hands. This lunar period is not the best for sorting out the relationship, however, if necessary, it is recommended to show persistence and determination.

The moon in Sagittarius will remind a person of optimism - an excellent quality, thanks to which dreamers and dreamers have not yet died out in the world. During this lunar period, excessive vitality can lead to reckless actions and an inability to discern the essence of what is happening until it is too late.

Usually, during the lunar days of the sign of Sagittarius, many remain calm and serenity. The attitude towards work and the hustle and bustle of everyday life softens: these problems become less significant, spiritual aspirations begin to take priority. Most of the passions and genuine hobbies originate in this lunar period.

Any concentration of attention is useful and fruitful. It is best to focus on work or implementation of internal settings. Do not expect that relatives and friends will support your initiative, take it for granted. On the other hand, worrying too much about it and not being attentive to friends can lead to trouble.

The lunar period of the Sagittarius sign is a time of youthful idealism and work to achieve the most intimate and ambitious goals.

The influence of the moon on human life has been noticed long ago. It is no coincidence that so many legends, myths and legends have been written about her. Until now, we believe grandmother's omens, which are closely related to lunar rhythms. This applies to sowing seeds, harvesting crops, weddings, holidays, travel, job hunting, bargaining, haircuts and more.

Modern science has established how close the connection between lunar rhythms and human life is. Our health, luck, peace, and inner harmony depend on them. On the contrary, when human actions run counter to the rhythms of nature, it threatens to lose balance, strength, mental comfort, luck.