Moon Day Today

Lunar day: 4
Moonrise: 9:51
Moonset: 19:46
Moon in zodiac sign:
At 00:14 transition to sign ♏
Moon phase: Waxing Crescent
Data: 28.09.2022
Day of week: Wednesday

4th Lunar day

Symbol is the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil.
Stones - amazonite, sardonyx, green jade.
Body - larynx, pharynx.

This is a dual day. A person may feel a little loose, not at ease. It must be remembered that the world begins to react to human actions on this very day, and be ready for this reaction. If you pay attention to the "signs" sent on the fourth day of the lunar calendar, you can determine whether the correct course was taken on the first lunar day and whether the means correspond to the goal chosen at the same time. You need to try to control your subconscious. The number of contacts should be limited as much as possible, the day is not conducive to working in a group, but mostly neutral. If you think about everything in advance, the fourth lunar day may even go well, without negative manifestations. Suddenly, you can find things that have long disappeared, which a person has already despaired of finding. You cannot make hasty decisions on this day.

It is better to spend this day outdoors, relax in solitude, listen to your favorite music. If it is difficult for a person to endure loneliness, it is not necessary to be alone, but you can just be with your family, try not to go out. It also makes it easier to avoid physical and emotional overload. It is also good to do work with plants, handicrafts, especially knitting. You cannot go on a journey. It is forbidden to pick flowers and cut trees. But for doing business, the day is quite suitable, as well as for working with the voice: singing, recitative, etc. You can pray, remember the dead. In ancient times, this day served for the performance of sacred hymns. In general, passivity is encouraged on the fourth day of the lunar calendar.

You can keep in touch with relatives, learn something new about them, accumulate information about it. This day is considered a day of deepening into oneself and memories in order to better understand one's own roots and family ties, which will open up a new side of a person's own personality. If it works out, it can be useful to remember, mentally review and analyze your childhood from that minimum age that you can remember, remember everyone who surrounded the child and the house from that moment to the present. This sometimes leads to unexpected conclusions, helps to reveal secrets even when a person does not know about their existence.

The fourth day of the lunar calendar is favorable for the preparation of herbal remedies, fees, infusions, etc.

For superstitious people, tangled hair or threads will be a bad omen: even if they dream in this form, it is better to abandon what was planned. It is forbidden to pronounce evil words even mentally, because on the fourth lunar day they have great power. So restraint is encouraged.

Often on this day of the lunar calendar in a dream, a person sees his parents. This should serve as a signal that some problems have been inherited from them that require urgent resolution. You can also feel an imminent danger in a dream, which should warn a person about the need to be especially careful in the near future

Diseases that began on the fourth lunar day are usually difficult. Particularly vulnerable organs are the Adam's apple, larynx and cervical vertebrae. They cannot be operated on and massaged on this day.

People born on this day are doomed from childhood to be incomprehensible both to others and to themselves. They have been trying all their lives to solve their inner riddle, and if they succeed, they become amazing people.

Moon in Libra

The Moon in Libra brings surprises. Its influence lies in the person's attempts to maintain emotional balance.

Libra is an air sign that causes indecision in behavior. A person may have difficulty describing his condition. It is the Moon of the Libra sign that prevents concentration.

In the first days of this lunar period, a person loses the ability to focus on certain things and issues. Attention is distracted. People are able to leave the apartment without keys and slam the door, forget to turn off the TV, leave the lights on in the rooms, etc. Such incidents are frightening and cause the need to balance the emotional state. The moon in Libra also provokes resentment.

On these lunar days, a person can truly appreciate communication with family and loved ones. The moon sharpens a sense of partnership in both love and business.

Before you decide to enter into new partnerships, it is important to get rid of self-doubt, disbelief in their own strengths. A person always counts on favor. However, the reaction of others to you is conditioned by your attitude towards others. External expressions of emotional discomfort can scare away interlocutors.

In this lunar period, it is not easy to maintain faith in yourself. The feeling of emotional insecurity and inadequate perception of reality is a side effect of the influence of the Moon in Libra. Try to listen carefully to the words that your heart dictates.

The period of this moon is conducive to love experiences, relationships with other people are easily successful. Try to avoid situations that require immediate decisions.

The influence of the moon on human life has been noticed long ago. It is no coincidence that so many legends, myths and legends have been written about her. Until now, we believe grandmother's omens, which are closely related to lunar rhythms. This applies to sowing seeds, harvesting crops, weddings, holidays, travel, job hunting, bargaining, haircuts and more.

Modern science has established how close the connection between lunar rhythms and human life is. Our health, luck, peace, and inner harmony depend on them. On the contrary, when human actions run counter to the rhythms of nature, it threatens to lose balance, strength, mental comfort, luck.