Moon Day Today

Lunar day: 20
Moonrise: 18:17
Moonset: 10:42
Moon in zodiac sign:
Moon phase: Waning gibbous
Data: 03.12.2020
Day of week: Thursday

20th Lunar day

Symbol - eagle.
Stones - red jasper, rock crystal.
Body - upper back, shoulder blades, shoulders, peritoneum.

The twentieth day of the lunar calendar can be very interesting. This day can be called a day of amazing discoveries that will help a person see the world in a new light, as well as make a complete inner transformation. A person should have a sincere desire to drop pride, arrogance, disgust and simply open up to what this wonderful day will bring. If it works out, you can spend time in the company of like-minded people, whose opinion will certainly help a person open his eyes to many very important things.

On this day, it is recommended to make important decisions and perform important actions, since it will be easy to do and not feel in doubt. This means that a person has risen to a higher level in his development. Spiritual transformation is also achieved through religious deeds, moral purity and asceticism.

The day is favorable for motivated, principled people, leaders and speakers. You can do any business, as long as they are not boring and monotonous. It is advisable to spend this day at home, with your family.

Diseases on this day are rare, but there is a danger of injury. The spine is especially vulnerable. Fasting on the twentieth lunar day will bring spiritual enlightenment. It is best not to eat meat and fish and not waste too much energy. During these lunar days, dreams have an interesting property: you can control them and even try to enter someone else's dream.

On the twentieth day of the lunar calendar, creative people are often born who tend to rise above those around them and behave either with the nobility of kings or with the arrogance of lackeys. These people need to deal with such manifestations.

Moon in Cancer

The influence of the Moon ruling the Cancer sign will be especially intense and profound.

Cancer is a "feminine" water sign. Submitting to the lunar guidance, he exacerbates a whole range of different emotions: from the most sublime and life-affirming to the extremely suppressed and negative. The lunar phases of Cancer strongly affect the emotional state of a person.

The Moon in Cancer provides people with an excellent opportunity to understand the inner self by observing emotions. This is the time for the manifestation of those feelings that a person has been suppressing for a long time. The moon these days makes a secret path to your heart.

Often during this lunar period, a person is easily subject to rapid emotional reactions. Episodes from books and films are deeply shocking. People can shed tears over an unpretentious sentimental scene in a film, or after watching a beautiful picture, they can immerse themselves in deep nostalgic memories and reflections.

This is not the time, the energy of which you can use for your own purposes; rather, the Moon in Gemini will "use" you. The only way to live this lunar period positively and productively is to be honest with yourself. It is a lie that drives emotional problems inside your "I", which are aggravated with the arrival of the Moon in the sign of Cancer.

The best strategy to help minimize the negative impact of the Moon in Cancer is. to stop being afraid, overcome delusions and open oneself to meet these influences. You also need to listen to your inner voice.

Obey your heart and learn from it wisdom. Your inner self will tell you that you yourself have locked many emotions inside yourself, refusing to acknowledge their very existence. Cancer days are a great opportunity to see the difference between who you really are and the social image you offer to the outside world. Once a person becomes more open and honest with himself, he effectively realizes his true self.

In this case, his inner and outer "I" will begin to converge. This process will significantly reduce the possibility that repressed emotions will be trapped in a dark trap of the inner nature, ready to break out and lead to aggression every time.

In addition, a person will be able to discover a simple truth: the overwhelming majority of people love him as he is, and not as he is trying to seem.

Sometimes this is due to the fact that this lunar period makes people more honest. During the position of the Moon in the sign of Cancer, many trust their own feelings and emotions, fighting with the internal tension created by the misconception of their self.

Often people, going through, for example, a difficult period of divorce, can hardly maintain a sense of inner integrity, it is extremely difficult for them to accurately determine the attitude towards themselves and others, as well as towards their work and the world in general. This is partly due to the lies with which they convince themselves, trying to protect their "it". Turning into a solid ball of emotions, people lose control over themselves, especially during the period when the Moon is in the sign of Cancer. The introspection that can be achieved at this time enables a person to determine what exactly he wants. This increases the likelihood of full realization of desires by setting goals and schematically outlining ways to achieve these goals. Thus, Cancer's lunar period may be the most fruitful.

The influence of the moon on human life has been noticed long ago. It is no coincidence that so many legends, myths and legends have been written about her. Until now, we believe grandmother's omens, which are closely related to lunar rhythms. This applies to sowing seeds, harvesting crops, weddings, holidays, travel, job hunting, bargaining, haircuts and more.

Modern science has established how close the connection between lunar rhythms and human life is. Our health, luck, peace, and inner harmony depend on them. On the contrary, when human actions run counter to the rhythms of nature, it threatens to lose balance, strength, mental comfort, luck.